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In the city full of women's self-confidence and her smile, the world of mouth Beauty is more and more widespread. So, a work time as well, a private time as well, we want the women are more shines and lively. Such as fashion, art, entertainment .... Ora2 wants to cheer the beauty from the inner surface of the in various fields. On the web, we will continue to disseminate such a wide variety of value realistically. Beauty is Here. Ora2 City is surely existing in your side.

He born in February 23, 1969 at London, England. Brooks studied graphic design and illustrator at Central Saint Martins college of Arts, London. While at college he won the Vogue Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration and began working regularly at “Vogue” magazine. Brooks went on to the Royal College of Art and after graduating he provides many drawing to the popular fashion magazine such as “ELLE” and “Visionaire”. He is noted in particular as being one of the first artists to embrace and popularize computer technology in the field of fashion illustration. The glamorous and aspirational world of the imagination he presents in his work has proven to be an ideal vehicle to promote a wide range of luxury and lifestyle brands.

Official Site http://www.jason-brooks.com
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